Perish The Thought are: Mike Gainor (drums), Kris Christesen (bass), George Vasquez (vocals), Cody Christesen (guitar).

Living in New York City and being a metalhead, it’s actually sort of difficult NOT to meet people that are in bands. I feel like 95% of my friends are either playing in bands, writing about bands, or taking pictures of bands. It’s generally no surprise to me when I find out that a chunk of my friends are all in the same band — it’s more of a surprise when they turn out to be awesome, particularly in a genre that is usually not my style.

When I went to see Perish The Thought, a New Rochelle-based metal/hardcore band, at Lucky Cheng’s in March, I was just going to reunite with my friends in a nice convenient location. They turned out to be the best band of the night. Even more impressive was the band’s ability to keep the crowd pumped and soldier on through technical difficulties (George’s mic was mysteriously low) without missing a beat. The venue was less than optimal for their kind of sound, and their equipment was failing them, and they still rocked the house because that is what awesomely talented musicians do!

Sadly, these guys are nowhere on YouTube that I can see, but there are a few songs posted on ReverbNation so you can see what these guys are all about.

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