Edge Of Existence are: Jorge (vocals), Chris (bass), Jared (guitar). Almost barely pictured: Mcob (drums). Not pictured: Carson (guitar).

How this band has existed since 2009 and I’ve managed never to see them live is beyond me. (Confession time: Since they so often support other local bands I’ve seen, it’s entirely possible that I was simply too drunk to notice them. My bad.) In general, I don’t make it a habit to listen to any -core subgenres, but these guys have always been really good at what they do, from their metalcore beginning to their current, more deathcore-oriented style. They’ve already been noticed, having shared the stage with bands like Otep and Bury Tomorrow, and they’ve got a major following in their not-so-native New York (though Edge Of Existence’s base is New York City, none of the band members are actually from there). Former Eyes Like Cyanide bassist Chris Keene joined in 2011, so I’m not surprised that Edge Of Existence would be similarly awesome.

Edge Of Existence released a full-length album called A World Of Decay and are still recording a follow-up, Inside The Abstract. Most excitingly, they’ll be performing at the Rebel Sounds Festival in Jamaica, Queens tonight! For obvious reasons, you should definitely attend, but check out “Hell Comes With US” below if you need help making up your mind and then hop on the F as soon as possible because Jamaica is kind of far.

Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Edge-of-Existence/130312614645
Official Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EdgeofExistenceband