Symphonic?  Check.  Female-fronted?  Check.  Local?  Check.  It’s like this band was formed for the sole purpose of being in the Hail Of The Week column!  Ashenveil are one of New Jersey’s best-kept secrets, a melodic and not-too-proggy answer to the hardcore and death metal that’s all too common in the Tri-State area.  Almost a supergroup, Ashenveil was co-founded by Symphony X’s Mike LePond and features Operatika’s Yuri Liakhovitch on drums.

The band’s debut EP, Black Of Light comes out any day now (two weeks from July 27, according to the band’s official Facebook page, which would make the release date this coming Friday), and there are already a few YouTubes available for those of us who just can’t wait to get a taste.  The sampler is below, but you can listen to their other songs on the band’s official YouTube page.  Don’t worry, aaaall the links you need are right down below, and they are all pro-clicks, I assure you.

Offical Facebook:
Official YouTube: