Progressive power metal troupe Vision Divine are about two weeks away from releasing Destination Set To Nowhere, and to promote the new album they’ve posted a track called “Mermaids From Their Moons.” Before you ask what the hell that could possibly mean, keep in mind that Destination Set To Nowhere, the band’s seventh studio album, is an 11-track concept album about a man’s journey through outer space in a quest to escape the social and political injustices of planet Earth. I’m SURE it makes total sense in context. Here’s the track listing, for those of you who are curious:

1. S’io Fosse Foco (1:51)
2. The Dream Maker (5:03)
3. Beyond The Sun And Far Away (3:58)
4. The Ark (5:42 )
5. Mermaids Fom Their Moons (5:23)
6. The Lighthouse (4:38)
7. Message To Home (6:17)
8. The House Of The Angels (5:11)
9. The Sin Is You (4:38)
10. Here We Die (4:15)

11. Destination Set To Nowhere (4:17)

If you like grandiose metal (and those of you who do know what I mean by this), look no further. This track rocks my socks off. Click and enjoy, and remember — the album comes out on September 18 via Armoury Records, so buy it if you like what you hear!