If you’re looking for a really great new album, then you will want to pick up the new album by Italy’s Vision Divine. The progressive power metal band which began as a side project for guitarist and founding member Olaf Thorsen have just released their 7th studio album Destination Set To Nowhere on Ear Music.

I first heard about Vision Divine, after reading the bio of singer Fabio Lione from Rhaposdy of Fire. As a huge Rhapsody fan, I was very curious to hear Fabio’s work outside of Rhapsody. Fabio, who has been filling in for the departed Khan on Kamelot’s recent world tour and has also been working on Destination Set To Nowhere for the past year, shows no signs of slowing down and delivers a solid performance on the new album. The lineup for the new album includes:  Fabio Lione – vocals, Olaf Thorsen  and Federico Puleri – guitars, Andrea “Tower” Torricini – bass,  Alessio “Tom” Lucatti – keyboards and Alessandro “Bix” Bissa – drums.

The concept of “Destination Set To Nowhere” takes place in space, starting with a man who is tired of dealing with the social-political troubles we experience everyday. He begins his journey through open space, after having left earth with people of similar mindset, who feel it’s time for change and are looking for a new planet to call home. In their view, this new planet will make everything better and peaceful. A place where they can start out fresh and attain their hopes and dreams. After a long and tedious journey, a new planet is found, but as time progresses, everyone falls back into their old patterns and it virtually becomes the same environment which they left. The only escape is to once again set out to find the peace he so longs for. One man leaving alone  – his destination set to nowhere.

This album is a definite must for your metal collection.  Fabio makes his presence known with different vocal ranges throughout the album and the band delivers a solid performance with progressive elements that give it a melodic sound with powerful riffs and frequent tempo changes. Vision Divine has taken progressive power metal to a whole new level and I know you won’t be disappointed. Check out the new video for my personal favorite song Mermaids From Their Moons below and see for yourself what this band has to offer.

For more on Vision Divine, visit their official website or via Facebook or on their official Twitter page


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