Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi has been ranked the #1 Top Metal Guitarist of all time by Gibson ranked their top 10 Metal guitarists by those who they feel have both fantastic soloing and technical percussion and continue to influence future generations to come.  The Top 10 are as follows:

1) Tony Iommi – Black Sabbath
2) Kirk Hammett/James Hetfield – Metallica
3) Randy Rhoads – Ozzy Osbourne
4) John Petrucci – Dream Theater
5) Dimebag Darrell – Pantera, Damageplan
6) Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen
7) Zakk Wylde – Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne
8) Adam Jones – Tool
9) Dave Murray/Adrian Smith – Iron Maiden
10) George Lynch – Dokken, Lynch Mob, T & N

Do you agree or disagree with the choices? Who would be in your Top 10?

For more on the Top 10 guitarists of all time visit their website here