Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and girlfriend Sofia recently welcomed a new addition to their family, an adopted a puppy from an animal shelter in East Valley in Van Nuys, CA. Tommy, who ended up naming the dog after David Bowie told Rolling Stone Magazine about the new addition to his family by saying:

“”He’s got these crazy gray-green eyes. I love David Bowie and it was either Bowie or Bam. We ended up going with Bowie just ’cause of his eyes. He looks like Bowie.”

Lee also mentioned how they went to a number of different shelters in the area and was angry to find that Bowie along with so many other animals have been abandoned or abused. He noted that shelters are a scary place and urges that people visit a shelter before buying animals from a pet store. While Lee is not an official spokesperson for the ASPCA, he elaborated by saying:

“If you have any compassion at all, it doesn’t take a building to fall on me to go, ‘Hey, man, look at all these amazing pets that have been abandoned or abused.’ And they have literally seven or eight days in a lot of these shelters before they get euthanized and it’s like, ‘Oh, man, you’re kidding me? No one’s come to get this dog? It’s got two days left and you’re sitting there going, ‘If I could, I would steal all of you guys. But I can’t.”

Tommy plans on taking his little buddy Bowie on tour with him and is really excited to have him by his side.

Bravo Tommy!! I hope more people will take the opportunity like you did to find their new little buddy at a shelter in their area. Check your local listings for shelters in your town to adopt a new pal! You’ll be glad you did!!

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