Today I’m on a Sanctuary kick so I decided to take a trip back to 1988 to the debut album from the Seattle band. Produced by Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine, this album is considered a thrash metal classic and one of my all time favorite metal albums. The title song Battle Angels grabs you immediately and leaves you wanting more and showcases singer Warrel Dane’s high pitched vocals throughout the album. The track listing for Refuge Denied is as follows:

  1. BattleAngels
  2. Termination Force
  3. Die For My Sins
  4. Soldiers Of Steel
  5. Sanctuary
  6. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)
  7. Ascension To Destiny
  8. The Third War
  9. Veil Of Disguise

Only 7,000 copies on of the album were printed on vinyl. When the album was later released on CD, the tracks had been reordered which was common when CDs were first starting to hit the market. The band lineup for Refuge Denied is:

  • Warrel Dane – vocals
  • Lenny Rutledge – guitar
  • Sean Blosl – guitar
  • Jim Sheppard – bass
  • Dave Budbill – drums

This is a definite must for your metal collection. Sanctuary, who recently reunited in 2010, have recently released their new studio album, The Year The Sun Died and will tour around the US in November! For more on Sanctuary, visit their Facebook page here