Somewhere in the middle of their seemingly endless world tour, Red Fang have somehow found time to give back to the Portland, Oregon community. On May 25th, they’ll be back in their hometown at Hawthorne Theater headlining a benefit show to support Grant High School’s crumbling arts program. Moreover, they’ve enlisted local supporting acts Lopez, Nether Regions, and Hell’s Parish, a band formed by students of Grant High. As a former high school marching band/drama geek and current Red Fang fanatic, I am torn between jealousy and starry-eyed admiration.

“Young artists looking for cheap venues to create and display their works move to and revitalize cities and neighborhoods,” stated Red Fang frontman Aaron Beam, who fought for the music program at his own high school over two decades ago. “It happens repeatedly. I watched it happen in Portland in the 1990s, with artist communities such as The Lab and The Modern Zoo, and clubs like the X-Ray.”

The upcoming event, somewhat austerely named “A Benefit For Grant High Art Department,” is meant to expand Portland students’ access to the arts and to help pay for common materials like paper, paint, and clay. If you want to do something great for Portland and see a kick-ass band (and three other possibly kick-ass bands) this spring, you can buy tickets by clicking here.