Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has spoken out about Dave Mustaine’s recent statements regarding the Aurora, CO shooting  and the massacre at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin suggesting that Obama administration is responsible for what happened in order to promote stricter gun laws.

The victims of the two horrific incidents that occured are extremely upset with Dave for what he said and fans are sick of hearing Dave’s “theories” about politics. Nikki said of Dave’s latest rant:

“Dave Mustaine is fucking asshole. I can’t even imagine how deep this cuts the victims’ families of these shootings. He owes every family an apology as well as our great country.” He then directed a personal message to Dave by saying, “Hey Dave if you think America is turning into ‘Nazi America’ as you are quoted saying, then move the fuck out.”

Motley Crue and KISS who are currently out on tour together, joined forces and donated $10,000 to the Aurora Victims Fund when they played there earlier this month.  Nikki said “We bonded together with our tour partners and friends KISS to donate money, but we also hope it inspires others to do the same, no matter how big or small.”

You can view what Dave had to say here