Today’s installment of From The Vault takes us back to 1983 and to Motley Crue’s second album “Shout at the Devil.” The album  is often regarded as the heaviest sounding Motley Crue album by both critics and fans with themes including sex, violence, drugs and rebellion. Side one begins with engineer Geoff Workman and Nikki Sixx’s narration for the introduction to Shout at the Devil:

In the beginning, good always overpowered the evils of all man’s sins, but in time, the nations grew weak and our cities fell to slums, while evil stood strong. In the dusts of hell, lurked the blackest of hates,  for he whom they feared awaits you. Now many, many life times later lay destroyed, beaten down, only corpses of rebels, ashes of dreams and blood-stained streets. It has been written that those who have the youth, have the future. So come now children of the beast, be strong and Shout at the Devil.

Shout at the Devil reached #17 on the 1983 Billboard 200 chart and the album had sold over 4 million copies by 1997. Motley Crue released Looks That Kill and Too Young To Fall In Love as singles in 1984 along with videos for each song that received heavy rotation on MTV. The album is also one of the first albums that contributed to the glam metal movement.


Original Vinyl Album Art


Upon re-release of Shout at the Devil on their own label, Motley Records, the band included some never before heard tracks including demos of Looks That Kill, Shout at the Devil, Hotter Than Hell (which was re-recorded and re-titled Louder Than Hell for Theater of Pain) and Too Young to Fall in Love, as well as a song called I Will Surivie.

This album fell under scrutiny with the PMRC in the 80’s citing that Motley Crue must be satan worshipers. Nikki Sixx however, refuted the PMRC’s claims saying that the title of the album was not Shout With The Devil, it was Shout At The Devil.  The album however does contain a warning that the album may contain masked backward messages because of Sixx and Lee trying to chant “Jesus is Satan” as an underdub on the title track.