The 2012 iteration of Maryland Deathfest is hardly over and according to MDF’s official Facebook page, 16 bands have already been confirmed for the next one! As is generally the case, there will be some familiar faces, some not-so-familiar ones, and everything in-between. Remember though, the roster is nowhere near set in stone, and more announcements will emerge as time goes on. Here’s the lineup so far:

Venom (UK)
Carcass (UK)
Manilla Road (US)
Righteous Pigs (US)
Pentagram (US)
Antaeus (France)
Integrity (US)
Aosoth (France)
Pelican (US)
Midnight (US)
!T.O.O.H.! (Czech Republic)
Morgion (US)
Kommandant (US)
Ahumado Granujo (Czech Republic)
Ingrowing (Czech Republic)

Stay tuned for more MDF updates!