Italian death metal band Humangled recently announced the “Odd Graphics” contest, wherein fans can submit original designs for the band’s newest t-shirt. Submission will be open until August 15, and other fans will be able to vote on the best t-shirt on the contest’s official Facebook page until August 31. To enter the contest, email with an image of your original artwork. The image’s theme can be anything related to band topics and lyrics according to artist view, and should be text free, in digital format 300 DPI resolution 25×25 cm./10×10 inches size. The “Odd Graphics” contest is sponsored by Abyss Records.

If you win the contest, you’ll receive a t-shirt with your design on it as well as Fractal, Humangled’s 2010 release, and Odd Ethics, their newest release. The runner-up will receive an award for participation, which is probably better than absolutely nothing. There’s no fee to enter the contest, so you’ve got nothing to lose anyhow! If you need a little artistic inspiration, here’s “Needles Of The Blind” — let the music wash over you and get to drawing!

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