Winter Nights are: Jeremy Farfan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Mike Malleo (drums), Carmine Cammarata (session bassist), Efrain Farfan (backing vocals, lead guitar).

New York City is so thrashy that even melodic death is a breath of fresh air here. Winter Nights has been around since 2006, but really came into their own in 2008 with the release of a demo and a 2009 live debut that put them on the map.

Slowly but surely, they’re building a local fanbase, gigging around the NYC metro area and writing material for an upcoming full-length album. Most of their songs are still in the demo stage though, so if you want to hear them (their influences are all over the place stylistically, but they sound like a more traditional version of Amon Amarth), you’d be best off seeing them live. Their next show is this coming Sunday — they’re opening for Blackguard at Webster Hall in lower Manhattan!