If you are a fan of hard driving pounding metal then you definitely want to check out today’s Hail Of The Week, Speed Kill Hate who are defining East Coast Thrash with a style all their own.

Speed Kill Hate is made up of Bob Barnak – vocals, Dave Linsk – guitar, Dave Bizzigotti – bass and Tony Ochoa – drums and their album Out For Blood will grab you from the onset. The band is definitely as they mention in their biography, Out For Blood.

Growing up in the 80’s thrash was by far my favorite style of metal, so when the band contacted me about their new album I was very excited to find out what I had been missing all this time. Each song drew me in more and more and you can definitely feel the heat Speed Kill Hate brings to the table.

Click here to learn more about Speed Kill Hate and visit their official website here. To order your copy of Out For Blood click here. Check out their official video for No Remorse below and experience the intensity for yourself.