Problems With Dragons are: Rob Ives (guitar, vocals), Joe Magrone (bass), Eric Cunha (drums).

Now that I’ve become a bit of a stoner metal fan, I’ve got friends introducing me to stoner bands all over the place. Most of them kind of bore the hell out of me. Some of them don’t. Problem With Dragons, a band local to western Massachusetts, don’t! It’s funny how some of the most boring places on earth (western Mass, rural frostbitten Norway, the midwest US, etc.) come out with the most interesting metal sometimes.

Problem With Dragons have been around since 2008 and unlike the previous Hails Of The Week, have had a stable lineup. Their songs generally toe the line between rock and metal, and if you’re a fan of Dozer, you should have no problem getting into these guys. They’ve got a few tour dates coming up in Massachusetts and Vermont, so if you’re in the New England area, you should definitely give them a listen.

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