Today’s Hail Of The Week focuses on a band from San Francisco, CA called Mudface and if you haven’t heard this band yet, you definitely need to go to their official Facebook page and check them out.

Mudface formed in 2005  with one goal in mind: “To create music that is heavy and brooding, yet carefully balanced with flawless dynamics, and cathartic interwoven breakdowns but with a sound that is dark, heavy and explosive”. Their new album Anti shows that they have kept true to this formula and created an album of 10 tracks that grab your attention from start to finish. While listening to the new album I heard so many different influences that mesh together to create a unique and hard driving sound that showcases what talent is all about.

Mudface includes Chris Dinsmore on vocals, Rich Pia on guitar, Hugo Calderon on bass, Brett Crane on keyboards and vocals and Pete Bostaph on drums (and yes he is the brother of Paul Bostaph who has worked with Slayer, Testament and Exodus to name a few). If you are in the San Francisco area check out their next show, but in the meantime to pick up their new album (and some other cool items) visit their official website. You can also check out the official Mudface channel on YouTube.

Knuckles Official Video: