Martyrd are: Dan (guitar), Mike (guitar), Aaron (vocals), Adam (drums), Brian (bass).

Ever since their listening party at Duff’s Brooklyn, I can’t get enough of these guys. Martyrd are a five-piece thrash metal band from Queens, New York, and only recently have I gotten acquainted with their stuff even though they’ve been around since 2007. In my experience, New York thrash bands tend to incorporate more deathy elements into their music, but Martyrd keep it heavy. Their Facebook page calls them “progressive” and they are, to the extent that they know their way around a good melody, but you won’t find any wankery anywhere in their catalog.

So far, Martyrd have released two albums independently, 2008’s Maniac and The Mortal Coil, which came out just last month. If you like ’80s-era Testament, you shouldn’t have any problem at all getting into Martyrd. As stated in a Blabbermouth article, they “wear their influences proudly,” but they’re hardly copycats. Below is my favorite song off their new album, which they performed at Gramercy Theatre when they opened for Primal Fear. Rock on!

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