IKILLYA are: Gary Pickard (drums), Dave Kerr (guitar), Jason Lekberg (vocals), Mansa Gory (bass).

Have you ever liked a band so much that you just kind of ASSUMED they were rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams? The logic goes something like, “They’re awesome, therefore someone must be rewarding them for their awesomeness.” Sometimes this is true, but sometimes you’re just lucky enough to have discovered a diamond in the rough. I was so assured of IKILLYA’s success and acclaim that I never even bothered to ask the members how things were going, let alone whether or not they’d been signed yet.

IKILLYA is a thrashy groovy brutal all-around awesome New York City band that I follow from venue to venue like a lovesick groupie, even when technical difficulties force them to play acoustic sets! They’ve been around for seven years and released their debut album Recon in April 2011, which I heaped praise on back in the day. Somewhat well known for touring the Tri-State area with HUNG (for which our beloved webmaster Sam plays bass), IKILLYA have made a decent name for themselves in the local scene. The talent (and there is quite a bit of it) is spread evenly throughout the band, and if you see them live, it’s impossible to ignore vocalist Jason Lekberg’s command of the stage.

Speaking of the stage, IKILLYA are going to be on it, tonight, at Bankshots in Newark, DE! If you can get there, you really ought to check them out. If you can’t check them out, well, below is a live performance of my favorite song by them!

Official website: http://www.ikillya.com
Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IKILLYAofficial
Official YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/IKILLYAvideo