Freedomination are: Arttu Kantola (bass), Timo Ahlström (vocals, guitar), Mikko Turunen (guitar), Jukka Ahlström (drums). Photo credit: Eero Jokimies.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is seek out bands that play a specific genre their country isn’t known for. Nordheim (Canada) Yonder Realm (US) both rock my folk metal socks off, for example. This time, I thought I’d seek out bands from areas known for folk metal that play in good old American genres. Enter Finnish thrash metal band Freedomination.

Even the band’s official website admits that founder Timo Ahlström’s intent was “to become the next Dave Mustaine/James Hetfield/Jeff Waters etc etc…” That said, Freedomination is hardly a worship band. Their sound is original, and their songs are really catchy. If someone came up to me and asked me what I thought Finnish thrash would sound like, I would guess it would sound something like Freedomination — definitely heavy, but slightly more melodic and/or punk-oriented than the American stuff.

So far, Freedomination have released an EP called Mission Accomplished and a demo called Power Of Nightmares. Below is my favorite song from Mission, and you can listen to their newest stuff on their official website.

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