Driven Mad are: Scott (session bassist), Sam (vocals), Dmitri (guitar), Bryan (drums).

Driven Mad may be a brand new band, but all the faces in it should be familiar to the average New York City thrash fan. The three members of Driven Mad were originally members of King Hell, perhaps the most fun local act I’ve ever seen, so it goes without saying that Driven Mad have the same energy. Thrash, groove, and tech (in that order) abound in Driven Mad’s all-too-short discography, and though they are quite musically distant from King Hell, they’re just as good, if not better.

Drummer Bryan Dundon put it best when he stated, “We want to crush your skull, then get you high.” Their thrash hits hard, and their groove/stoner riffs mellows you right out. They debuted their entire EP Disorder on their Facebook page last this August, so you can listen for yourself to see exactly what I mean. They’ll play their very first show at Fontana’s in Brooklyn, NY on September 21, and they’re in the midst of planning an East Coast tour for 2013. I can’t wait!

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