Devilhaus are: Svengali (drums, vocals, pipe organ), Lorelei Bitzkrieg (baritone guitar, vocals), Pip (guitar, vocals).

Devilhaus is interesting — despite the fact that they don’t appear to consider themselves metal (they describe themselves as punk, rockabilly, and rock), they are CLEARLY holding down the doom/trad fort here in New York City. They are an embodiment of everything I’m a sucker for, and it’s no surprise that they cite Motorhead and Danzig-era Misfits as their two primary influences. Anyone who likes mellow, heavy, ’70s-sounding stuff could easily fall in love with these guys (and lady).

I wish I had found out about Devilhaus under better circumstances. They’ll be performing at a benefit show for a buddy of mine, Jonny Kooklyn, who was hit by a car earlier this year and has no health insurance. Martyrd will be performing there too, as well as several other bands from the NYC area. Good bands, a good cause, good people, and (probably) good beer — what more could you want in an event? Here’s a taste of their live performance below, but if you want to see them in action, go down (or up, or sideways) to Jersey this Sunday — more details on Facebook.

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