Alekhine’s Gun are: Jeff Martinez (guitar), Jessica Pimentel (vocals), Angel Cotte (drums), Daniel Martinez (bass). Photo credit: Max R. Sequeira.

You would never know it by how beloved they are already, but Alekhine’s Gun have only been on the scene for two years. These guys (and gal — frontwoman Jessica Pimentel) have some of the best energy I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t really surprise me that they’d have over 2,000 Facebook followers in such a short time. What DOES surprise me is that they haven’t been signed yet.

Alekhine’s Gun, named by Pimentel after a chess formation, have had the same lineup since their foundation in 2010. They’re almost like a NYC-area supergroup, containing members from Desolate, King Hell, and Immortal Flesh. The band’s interests, as seen on their Facebook page, include “melting people’s faces off,” and I must say they are damned good at it. They combine thrash (my favorite!) with a dash of hardcore, and Pimentel’s vocals are beyond brutal. Their debut EP, Meditations In Wrath, came out in 2011, and you can listen to it in its entirety on the band’s ReverbNation page.

Since Alekhine’s Gun always rock the house, it’s difficult to pick just one video to show you how awesome they are. Below is a video from their April show at Lit Lounge, their first since Pimentel underwent surgery on her throat. She (and everyone else) sounds great, don’t you think?

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