In case you haven’t noticed, straightforward, “traditional,” heavy metal is making a serious comeback. It’s tempting to dismiss the bands participating in this resurgence as worshippers, but Ahab’s Ghost, a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are putting their own unique spin on the sounds that old school fans like me have grown to love.

Ahab’s Ghost was formed in 2008 by a group of longtime friends, and they self-released their debut album After The Fall earlier this year. Their influences range from Sabbath and Zepp to Overkill, and their sound is mellow (almost stonery) to aggressive and everything in-between. Wisconsin recognizes their greatness — they’ve performed on local radio stations and at several local and Midwestern venues opening for bands like Valient Thorr and Bonded By Blood — but if there’s anything from the Midwest that those of us on the coast should pay attention to, it’s them.

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