Former HADES/NON-FICTION founding member Dan Lorenzo has released his 4th solo cd available now. “Best of 3” is a compilation of Lorenzo’s  first three solo cds and includes three previously unreleased tracks.  Lorenzo stated, “Being as I “sold out” of my first three solo cds  (meaning I sold 23 copies to European HADES fans and gave away 977  copies) I have decided to release a “Best of” my solo material cleverly  titled “Best of 3″. I was up all night trying to come up with that  title.”

Dan elaborates by saying “I assume most of you imagine my best solo material could fit on one side  of a 45, but I just heard people no longer purchase 45s, so I decided to rerelease 8 songs from Cassius King, Nice Being Alone and Cut From A Different Cloth plus three songs I recorded after the fact.”

Guest appearances include Jimmy Schulman (HADES), Ron Lipnicki (Overkill), John Kosco (Dropbox), Matt DiFabio (Single Bullet Theory), Dave Neabore (Dog Eat Dog), Johnny Milnes (Mucky Pup), Scott LePage (HADES), and others. Dan says, “I was planning to drop off some CDs on consignment at Tower Records, but guess what? No more Tower Records! What the hell is going  on here? The only place you can legally purchase my new cd is from my  website.”

Click here to purchase Dan’s new CD, you won’t be disappointed!