Oderus Urugnus, frontman for GWAR has once again been very vocal about his feelings about things he doesn’t like. At a show in Buffalo, NY this past Wedensday, April 25, Oderus took a nasty swipe at Vinnie Paul’s band HELLYEAH and said:

“How about that new Hellyeah record? Pretty good, huh? What a great name for a band, HELLYEAH. That’s so awesome. How do those fat, stupid dudes from Texas ever come up with something so awesome? I want to know how that dumb ass, ignorant, inbred fucks ever come up with such an amazing idea as HELLYEAH. WOW! Stephen Hawking, move over!”

HELLYEAH tweeted their thoughts on Oderus’ rant by saying:

“We’d like to thank Gwar’s lead singer for talking shit about us at one of their shows. Classy guy…yay you! #hellyeah”

Oderus clarified his comments via twitter and said:

“I didn’t talk shit about #HellYeah. I just really hate their music. My opinion.”

The video from the show that showed up on the internet with Oderous’ comments has since been labeled as private.