Today we take a trip back in time to 1984 and an EP released by Slayer called Haunting The Chapel. Originally recorded as a 3 song EP, Haunting the Chapel marked the evolution of Slayer’s style and is often described as a “stepping stone of their classic sound.” The songs included on the original release of Haunting The Chapel were: Captor of Sin, Chemical Warfare and Haunting the Chapel. The re-issue featured a bonus track: Aggressive Perfector. Captor of Sin and Chemical Warfare are often included in Slayer set lists and considered fan favorites.



Slayer are currently working on a new album to be released this year. Last September they released the song, Implode and have just released a second track, When Stillness Comes on April 18th. Both tracks are off their upcoming album. Gary Holt of Exodus will take over guitar duties for guitarist, Jeff Hanneman and Paul Bostaph will take over for Dave Lombardo on drums for their new tour. Until then, it’s time for some Chemical Warfare.