Today we take a trip back to 1987 and an album by the band Grim Reaper called Rock You To Hell. The album which had been delayed in release due to legal issues became Grim Reaper’s last album.

The band lineup for Rock You To Hell includes: Steve Grimmett – vocals, Nick Bowcott – guitar, Dave Wanklin – bass and Marc Simon – drums. The track listing for Rock You To Hell includes the following:

  • Rock You to Hell
  • Night of the Vampire
  • Lust for Freedom
  • When Heaven Comes Down
  • Suck It and See
  • Rock Me til I Die
  • You’ll Wish That You Were Never Born
  • Waysted Love
  • I Want More

The band released a video for the title track but record labels had begun to pursue more speed and thrash metal bands for their labels. While the band had songs for a fourth album, once again legal battles forced the band to shelve their album and they offically disbanded in 1988.