I love Legends, plain and simple. It’s my go-to “complete task that will take longer than 30 minutes” music. It’s my default “walk all the way across town because I just can’t deal with the subway performers today” music. The soaring chorus of “Land Of Broken Dreams” has become a shower staple. That said, I have a hard time remembering the individual songs on this album, and I can’t figure out whether that’s because they’re just not memorable or because the album peaks really early.

“Land Of Broken Dreams” is, of course awesome. It is everything a symphonic power metal song should be — theatrical, epic, overwrought. It is also, however, the third track on the album. None of the other songs really match it in terms of energy or catchiness, which is the only major fault of the album. “Dragonslayer,” the very next track, seems downright mellow in comparison. I do appreciate that Dragony played with meter a little in that one (and in “Burning Skies,” for that matter), even if the end result doesn’t quite work on a first listen.

Ultimately, to answer my own lingering question, it’s probably both — the individual tracks, for the most part, just don’t stand out, and my favorite song being right at the beginning doesn’t help at all. That said, I’ve listened to this album at least a dozen times and will definitely listen to it at least a dozen more. In fact, Legends will end up in my top ten releases of 2012. It’s a damned good album, and definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Listen to it all the way through, or not at all. (8 / 10)

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