Don’t get me wrong, I feel fortunate to have discovered a melodic death metal band that isn’t an Amon Amarth clone, but is an Insomnium clone really any better? I can’t help but feel like Resolve In Crimson, Destinity’s sixth full-length album, though serviceable, is a little too standard to stand out.

As an album, Resolve In Crimson is cohesive, and you can get lost in it easily. That’s because each song flows seamlessly — perhaps TOO seamlessly — into the next. There’s hardly any rhythmic variation from song to song, to the point that you can freely skip between songs, even in mid-verse, without disrupting any flow. The melodies are enjoyable and varied enough, but it’s obvious that Destinity haven’t taken any musical risks here. Who can blame them? They’ve stumbled across a decent formula, and they’ve been doing their thing for over a decade.

I’m almost frustrated with Destinity, because Resolve In Crimson is a good album that could have been great with just a little bit more spice. As it stands, the album is a little bit rigid — the tracks are all equally good, and the melodies are sufficiently catchy. There’s no doubt in my mind that the songs would “pop” more in a live show, but sitting here at home, listening on my laptop, they fall a little flat. (6 / 10)

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