Haha, get it? Because zombies ARE cannibal corpses!

Seriously though, everyone’s favorite death metal band will be on the cover of Decibel Magazine’s upcoming zombie issue. What a zombie issue of a metal music magazine would entail, I’m not so sure. However, the issue promises to feature what author Chris Dick refers to as a “corpse dissertation” including an in-depth interview (partly about zombies, primarily about boring stuff like the band’s upcoming album Torture, and music, and blah blah blah) with Cannibal Corpse frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Decibel Magazine: The Zombie Issue! hits newsstands tomorrow, but if you are too lazy to leave your apartment, you can pre-order your issue at Decibel Magazine’s online store.

Additionally, Cannibal Corpse’s album Torture is available for pre-order on its very own landing page. You’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer for that one, as it will be released on March 13.